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Project PeacePal Ambassador

New Mexico with partnerships in 16 countries throughout the World. As an international peace through education and service organization, Project PeacePal achieves this unique mission by providing youth with direct and real-life experiences of living in other parts of the world. From this emerge friendships and the authentic desire to be of service to others through committed communication and letter writing.

Public Policy Committee Member

Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act (H.R.1388), member-elect of Association of State Service Commissions, portions of the act was modeled after the NM Blueprint for Civic Engagement and will expand national service opportunities for all Americans. My role was dual in that I sat on the board of directors for the Association of State Service Commission and AmeriCorps Alums, thus I served as the liaison between two national entities with membership in all fifty states and US Territories.

Volunteer Advisor

Department of Education, University of Rijeka, Croatia. I advised representatives from the university of civic engagement policy initiatives in the United States and explored how there could be opportunities for replication with NGO’s within Croatia.

Amy Biehl Trust Ambassador

South Africa and New Mexico. I am working with the Amy Biehl Trust in South Africa to advance the social justice issues throughout South Africa and the world. Established the fiscal sponsorship of the Amy Biehl Youth Spirit of Service Award in New Mexico recognizing youth who aspire to improve their communities through civic engagement.

Invited Advisor (1 of 50)

Service Nation White Oak Leadership Retreat, White Oak Conservation Center, Yulee, FL. 50 of the National foremost experts met to develop a strategy for advancing National Service Legislative in Congress. The Service Nation Retreat led to the passage of the Edward Kennedy Serve America Act.