International Travel


Cuba, Canada, Spain – 7 weeks


During the trip to Cuba I was on a humanitarian people to people visit where I learned about the Cuban economy, rich cultural heritage, the Cuban medical and education programs. Meetings looked at current state of Cuban - America affairs. Research was conducted on emerging markets and economic development. The Canadian trip was focused on the music economy and tourism. The trip to Spain was for business development and to learn about the relationship between Catalonia and Spain.


Europe – 8 weeks


Eight week visit to the countries ranging from France, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Norway and Iceland. Meetings looked at current state of European Union affairs with regard to the respective countries. Research was conducted on emerging markets, economic development, career pathways and higher education.


Ethiopia and United Kingdom – 2 weeks


Two week trip to visit a diversity of countries ranging from Ethiopia to the United Kingdom. I met with local officials on microfinance, small business development and donor relations. Meetings consisted of NGO’s, government officials, and local residents.


Thailand and Cambodia – 3 weeks


Three week visit to the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia to explore economic systems, small business development, international trade, and educational settings. Meetings were centered on learning about investment opportunities and environmental programs along the coastline and centered on roadside safety and rural transportation infrastructure in developing countries.


Brasil and Argentina – 8 weeks


Eight week visit to the Southeastern countries of South America to explore institutions and economic systems. Meetings were centered on learning about sustainable environmental and education based non-governmental organizations, culture, and seeking business opportunities. Additionally, I explored about areas in which Globosocks, LLC might be able to support local NGO's through strategic partnerships with local community based organizations.


Colombia - 3 Weeks


Three week visit to the Colombia to further explore economic systems, tourism, and small business development. Meetings were centered on learning about investment opportunities and environmental programs along the northern coast and within Tayrona National Natural Park working with indigenous communities.   


Colombia and Ecuador - 6 Weeks


Six week visit to the Northwestern region of South America to explore institutions and economic systems in relationship to educational systems and small business development. Meetings will be centered on learning about Latin American non-governmental organizations, culture, and seeking opportunities for supporting local environmental initiatives in both urban and rural settings. Additionally, I will be learning about areas in which Globosocks, LLC might be able to support local NGO's through strategic partnerships with local community based groups.


Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Israel - 6 Weeks


During this visit to the region I will be exploring cultural differences among a variety of countries, reviewing of attitudes between European Union versus Non-European Union economic systems in relationship to educational systems and small business development. Included in the trip with be dialog with rural residents and business owners as well as government officials and youth. Additionally, dialog focused on local media coverage on issues facing the various regions will be the focal point of small group discussions in the Middle East.


Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi, 5 weeks


I reviewed and observed local, national, and regional issues facing health care, education, and NGO relief organizations and the delivery of services. During this visit I met with local residents, elected officials, and university faculty on program development opportunities as well as explored career pathway designs for the implementation of solar energy as a strategy for addressing building capacity within rural communities while connecting higher education students to community activities. I conducted a variety of site visits to public health clinics, schools, and learning about rural versus urban needs within the developing world. Additionally, I served as a goodwill ambassador for Project PeacePal and One Million Bones.


Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, and Turkey, 4 weeks


During this visit to the Balkans I studied the regional issues facing the countries relative to health care, education, economic development, and the role of religion in each area. This included discussions with local residents who lived under the former Yugoslavia, during the civil war, and learned firsthand some of the policy implications of the Dayton Accords. This included a variety of meetings with local residents and officials from international NGO and USAID funded projects in each country. Part this visit included a comparative look at the Genocide within the Balkans in the 1990's to the Genocide in East Africa during the approximate time period.


United Arab Emirates, Republic of South Africa and Kingdom of Swaziland, 5 weeks


Met with leaders from education, economic, workforce development, and NGO organizations to explore partnerships and learn about a myriad of issues facing South Africans including immigration issues. Review produced a diversified concept to bundle services to support families within communities. During brief visit to Dubai, met with educators and observed local residents in traditional areas.


Spain, Portugal, and Italy, 3 weeks


Met with representatives and observed a diverse set of organizations on issues facing these countries from an educational, economic, and workforce perspectives. Reviewed and learned about immigration issues facing influx of North Africans into border regions and the impact on complex relationships. Visit helped inform the importance of developing sustainable relationships to address common challenges with positive outcomes.


Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, 3 weeks


Observed and learned about issues facing the region as an observer of the integration of the ramifications of European Union and Non-European Union states on the educational systems. Met with representatives from the University of Rijeka on civic engagement strategies for working with local NGO's to provide a complementary relationship to hands on learning while supporting classroom curriculum.


Spain, France, and Italy, 2 ½ weeks


Reviewed and researched local and national issues around education, immigration, workforce, and economic development from a sociological perspective. Met and observed local residents to learn about individual attitudes after the 2005 French protests and riots in response to the Employment Contract.


Croatia, 2 weeks


Lived and met with local residents to learn about issues facing residents and to learn about primary education systems, history of the northern region and exploring the outlook for the future of Croatia while on a pathway to becoming a member of the European Union. Visit enabled further thought around the importance of incorporating a leveraged approach to build sustainable models for education and economic development.


France, Italy, and Netherlands, 3 weeks


Observed discussions and held meetings on economic impacts of the emerging employment laws and the civic unrest, although through the lens of a foreigner visiting the region. Observed and met with residents about the complexities of the on-going immigration issue facing the border region of France with underrepresented populations.


Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and France, 3 weeks


Investigated and visited rural communities and their relationship to urban areas and their focus on economic strategies for increased tourism. Explored attitudes towards membership in the European Union versus traditional country values and researched linkages between the economic development and workforce readiness.


Ireland and Northern, Ireland, 2 weeks


Observed and reviewed the complex relationship between Ireland and Northern, Ireland in the context of youth attitudes towards their peer groups from cross cultural experiences. Learned about the economic relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.


England, Belgium, France, and Canada, 3 weeks


Met with local residents on topics ranging from education, workforce and economic development in light of the on-going transition to the Euro. In Canada, attended International Conference on Community Education where multi-sector approaches to improving out of school time programming for youth and families.


France and Italy, 10 days


Explored rural and urban attitudes towards the recent Euro currency transition and the explored the delicate economic impact on the region. Met with small business owners on regional issues facing the development of their workforce and the relationship to strong educational outcomes by their educational institutions.


Spain and Portugal, 2 weeks


Observed attitudes by residents on the development and transition from individual country currencies to single Euro currency. Observed the impacts on individual economies in Spain and Portugal.