Capacity Building One Community At a Time: Lira, Uganda

by Denise E. Herrera, PhD

Realizing the dream of building capacity in the developing world is bittersweet for Globosocks, LLC Owner/President – Greg Webb. While reflecting on the successes of Globosocks’ first year, he knows there is still plenty to do to support more international and local non-governmental organizations. “Many people make contributions to things they believe in; however, I am intentionally designing Globosocks, LLC as the vehicle to an ongoing and deliberate strategy for providing support for building capacity in the developing world,” he says.

In partnership with Uganda Reach the Aged Association and the community-based Family Caregivers Association for the Aged in Northern Uganda – Globosocks, LLC awarded its first modest grant in January 2012 to support a community-based, sustainable fruit tree project. In connection with Family Caregivers Association, the sustainable fruit tree project was created to provide a sustainable business for young people in Uganda to be able to start a mini-business. The Tree Orchard Project in Lira, Uganda was intended to provide a food source to the locals, but also serve as a means to raise money to build a school in the future.

This first Globosocks, LLC grant, intended for financial resources and technical assistance, directly impacted impoverished, rural communities in Northern Uganda. A piggery, or pig farm, was developed in response to the second investment grant Globosocks, LLC provided in 2013. Greg was first inspired to help this particular community during a 2011 visit to Uganda, where he traveled as a Project PeacePal Ambassador and met with various local leaders, governmental officials, community members, and youth – including John Alfred Ejura who works tirelessly to make positive changes within his community in Lira. Globosocks, LLC will continue to support this Ugandan community in 2013 and hopes to expand its reach and contribute to other underserved communities that strive toward building capacity and achieving positive growth. (Photo credit: John Alfred Ejura – Lira, Uganda)