8115 on 11.7.2010 - A LIFE CHANGING DAY

February 11, 1990, I along with millions of others, waited and watched. For me, I was a younger version of myself and early in my college career. Due to the 8 hour time change, I had to set my alarm to wake up at in the wee hours on February 11, 1990. On this date Nelson ‘Madiba' Mandela walked to freedom after spending 27 years in prison- the name Madiba is Nelson Mandela's tribal name. I had originally learned about South Africa and Madiba from an HBO movie about his life and times. So, it was a no brainer that I recognized the importance of witnessing this significant and symbolic historical event. I come from a bi-racial background with Latino and African-American roots - and I maintain a keen interest in civil rights history and I continue to try to understand the world in which we live. I had always been drawn to historic figures such as Gandhi, Malcolm, Rosa, and Martin; however, over the course of several years I was learning the story of a man who had been imprisoned for decades and of the struggle against apartheid.

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Capacity Building One Community At a Time: Lira, Uganda

by Denise E. Herrera, PhD

Realizing the dream of building capacity in the developing world is bittersweet for Globosocks, LLC Owner/President - Greg Webb. While reflecting on the successes of Globosocks' first year, he knows there is still plenty to do to support more international and local non-governmental organizations. "Many people make contributions to things they believe in; however, I am intentionally designing Globosocks, LLC as the vehicle to an ongoing and deliberate strategy for providing support for building capacity in the developing world," he says.

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Ongoing journey on the path with moments to stop and take notice…

How many of us awaken in the middle of the night with dreams or vague recollections of dreams that we question as "dream" or "reality?" Many dreams are plain weird, some are hardly memorable, some we only remember "small parts" or "acts" within them, some we try and make sense of the message. But every now and then, we dream what could be considered the impossible.

Most of the time we wake up in our own beds, but sometimes we are fortunate to wake up in a foreign land having dreamt about the many ways we want to change the world. More often than not, we just struggle to wake up and make sense of the world we currently live in let alone how our futures will be. These last few months I have been filled with insurmountable wonder. I wonder if I'm still dreaming or if I'm wide awake and living such an amazing, blessed life filled with adventure. For me, the world is changing me more than I am changing the world.

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