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8115 on 11.7.2010 – A LIFE CHANGING DAY

July 29, 2018

On February 11, 1990, I along with millions of others, waited and watched. For me, I was a younger version of myself and early in my college career. Due to the 8 hour time change, I had to set my alarm to wake up in the wee hours on February 11, 1990.

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Capacity Building One Community At a Time: Lira, Uganda

January 31, 2013

In partnership with Uganda Reach the Aged Association and the community-based Family Caregivers Association for the Aged in Northern Uganda – Globosocks, LLC awarded its first modest grant in January 2012 to support a community-based, sustainable fruit tree project.

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Greg w students

Ongoing journey on the path with moments to stop and take notice…

February 20, 2012

How many of us awaken in the middle of the night with dreams or vague recollections of dreams that we question as “dream” or “reality?”

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The Next Journey…

June 30, 2011

Today on June 30, 2011, at 10 am Mountain Standard Time I begin another journey along a road with many journeys yet to be possible with the launch of my company Globosocks, LLC (

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East Africa Part 2 026

60+ Inch Screen on Journey between Kigali and Bujumbura

May 11, 2011

I started the day early on March 15, 2011 at 6am on the day after spending time on Volcanoes Nation Park trekking and spending a some time with the Rare North African Gorillas along with a quick stop in two countries with connecting cities – Gisenyi, Rwanda for lunch and Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo for some time amongst the throngs of people in these border cities along Lake Kivu.

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Five Countries, Guests, Visits, and Lots of Learning…

April 10, 2011

I just wrapped up an amazing five-country East African swing as an invited guest to meet with a variety of representatives ranging from non-governmental organizations, to governments, from school sites to orphanages, to higher education institutions, to local community leaders, from students to local business owners to hopeful residents to sector leaders and I concluded this trip with a special audience with a member of the Ugandan Parliament.

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Eats, beverages, rains, and observations…

March 27, 2011

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of things throughout East Africa. For instance, in Rwanda the fruit and vegetables are the freshest I have EVER had – things like fruit juice is on a different level here comprised of the most scrumptious, natural and they can be found everywhere from the side of the road to all restaurants.

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Rwanda Healing Itself

March 24, 2011

Last week I had the somber and sobering opportunity to visit two genocide memorial burial places in Rwanda. I took the opportunity to deliver some of the information regarding the One Million Bones Project which I have agreed to serve as a sort of Ambassador for during my visit to East Africa.

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Date with HIRWA Gorilla Group

March 19, 2011

After a quick breakfast, we set off for a final overview of the days instructions on our climb up to spend some time with one of the world’s rarest animals – the Rare African Mountain Gorilla.

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Can you see it, can you hear it, can you imagine it?

March 12, 2011

After my arrival in Nairobi a little over a week ago I am now taking some time to get to a computer to share some of my thoughts…

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