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My personal and professional commitment to a pathway to prosperity for all human beings transcends national boundaries for we are all global citizens and my experience extends beyond civic engagement and volunteerism; however acknowledging the importance of a basic quality of life, access to education, access to healthcare, economic development and the eradication of poverty are basic human rights.

My life and career have afforded me an opportunity to work at all levels of government, with a variety of non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and the philanthropic community in the development of supporting improving the human condition. Additionally, I have traveled around the world the past 15 plus years through various regions of the world whereby I have grown to learn and appreciate the variety of cultural settings we live throughout the world. Please contact me for additional information on how I can support your organization.

    • Twenty plus years of senior executive leadership experience in management, public policy, and program development with an in-depth knowledge of national service, public/private partnerships, and program administration.


    • Extensive experience working with governmental entities, non-governmental entities including staff recruitment, hiring and management, negotiation and contracting, budget supervision and execution.


    • Experienced media and communications strategic leader.


    • Dedicated to supporting entities with organizational development, compliance with regulations, and review of policy and procedures in governmental, NGO, and not for profit environments.


    • Expertise in development, execution, and evaluation of work plans, grant writing, report generation, and landscape mapping and community assessments.


    • Strong commitment to building and working with partners who value innovative programming, collaborative community-based problem solving, analysis of sociological factors, social history, and opportunities for economic and program development.


    • Expertise in the development of governmental relation strategies, managing communication, and leading in crisis management situations.


    • Expertise in budget/resource generation, leveraging of multiple funding streams and maximizing resources.


    • Expert understanding of governmental and philanthropic principles focused on accountability.


    • Strong understanding of innovative methods for revenue generation including endowment building and establishing dedicated funding systems for a variety of organizations.


    • Understanding of natural resource management and preservation with a culturally sensitive perspective.